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Wednesday, June 24, 2009 {8:15 PM}

Relink me here! :D

Saturday, June 20, 2009 {9:39 PM}
nobody nobody but chu!

Good Evening! It's 9:39pm, local time, and I am currently feeling bored. The sky's dark, the night's cold and I've got nothing to do. The links on my web browser are blogs, mouse hunt, pet society, youtube and more facebook. I took a quiz on facebook and it says that I'm 76% bored. I bet I'm more than that. Fortunately I have people to talk to on MSN and SMS, or else I would have rot to death right now. I have a lot of homework undone - physics, maths, chinese - and I need to get them done. Next week's going to be a busy week (I think). Somehow it feels that the world is in such a great crisis... but nevermind.

Yes, amidst this H1N1 pandemic, I hope that the government seriously considers to close school for a week or two. Currently there are like over 100 confirmed cases for H1N1 in Singapore? And there's like probably a few suspected locally transmitted cases? So we should like close schools for awhile and do e-learning! And that one week can be used to do homework too! I'm like in desperate need for discipline to complete my homework.

I'm currently listening to Nobody again. I think I'm addicted. Okay, I just opened Microsoft Word, and saw my Chinese ATT. (Yes, Stephanie, read this!) I'm going to faint at the sight of those complex characters! I can't bring myself to even read it! But in the course of tonight and tomorrow, I shall attempt to complete it. I need discipline.

Yes, and I say goodbye now. I think I'm going to complete my Chinese ATT (or at least try to do a little) then after that if I have the mood I'll come back and post (unlikely)!

Gooooooodbye! :D

Thursday, June 18, 2009 {6:06 PM}
adventure camp!

Okay, I'm back from Adventure Camp! :O Yeah, so, I was wondering whether I should post everything out... but considering I might not be able to remember anything and coupled by the fact that I am too lazy to type a few thousand words... I shall try to keep this as short as possible. And just say what I want to say... without details.

Yeah, so I guess Adventure Camp was good. Not exactly great, but good. Uhh, yeah, I guess things start to get better as camp progresses? Cos at the start we (or at least I) was like, "What!? We're gonna spend three more days here!?" or something. Yeah, but this feeling starts to go away as the days pass by. And it's a weird thing when I reach home that... actually camp wasn't that bad after all. It was that camp was actually kinda fun. Yeah, I sort of miss camp... but I guess I miss home more!

Okay, so stuff we did like abseiling, flying fox, the high elements stuff... yeah, I won't be the kind of person to do these kinda stuff. Yeah, but somehow faith works wonders. When I was like on the top of these places, I was like telling myself to have faith. And yes, faith does work wonders. I guess the first step is always the hardest to take! And yeah, for me Flying Fox was like the hardest but it was kinda fun. Cos it feels like you were practising for a suicide attempt or something. But as you glide down, you "feel weightless" (that's what I shouted on the way down!) For abseiling the first step was hard to take too. For that CRC thing, the hardest thing was to look down. So I don't think I looked down for most times.

Food wasn't too good at the start, but it got better as camp progressed too? And I'm not sure why... but I sleep kinda well for the whole camp! Managed to fall asleep as soon as 10 to 15 minutes. Also I won't wake up till morning for most days! Oh yeah... and we washed the toilet.

Yeah, our instructor was great. At least his words made sense, and set me thinking. He might not have been perfect, but he was a great instructor in my opinion. Yeah, and we did "Nobody" for our Campfire performance!? And now the songs stuck in my head! Oh, and choir members kept singing choir songs during the camp! Wow, I'm like crazy about choir.

Okay, so concluding this I think I have learnt a lot during the entire course of this camp. They are important life lessons, and I will remember them. Stuff like initiative, teamwork and faith. I have learnt a lot more. So, yes, camp was good. In fact, now that I have organised my thoughts well enough, camp was actually quite fun, yes. But now that I'm back home (and connected to the entire world again) I feel that I didn't know what was going on around the world for the past three to four days! And I'm too lazy to read four days worth of news!

Also, because I'm back home, I have to start on my homework again! Gosh! I have to like:
  1. Attempt Physics TYS
  2. Complete Chinese ATT
  3. Do Maths Homework
Ahh! Physics TYS is hard, most aren't related to the textbook! So, I guess the word "attempt" is there for a reason... and I shall attempt and fail at answering the questions. (Till now I have only been able to solve one question.) And Chinese ATT is also as hard, I need to complete it ASAP! And maths... I don't know if I will even be able to start trying the questions out. But I really really need to start doing maths, or else my maths grade will die in the next semester. Apart from these, I really have to start progressing on my reading up before the term starts! Otherwise I won't be able to catch up and I have to be able to catch up!

Oh yes, and this post is getting lengthy although I wanted to do a really fast one! So I shall end right here. Say goodbye! And I hope I'll have the time to post more when I can. :D

Sunday, June 14, 2009 {9:51 PM}

Yes, Adieu (Sweet Amaryllis?)! I shall be leaving the comfort of my home for some weird camp site from 15 - 18 June! I think I'm not mentally prepared for camp... yet. I wish it would be fun, I think. And I'm not sure if I packed everything already! Or have I? I think I'm a little paranoid about packing stuff... Yes, okay.

So after I return I shall work... as a full-time pig!

Wow. It's late. I don't think I should write more... and I hope I will blog about camp when I come back. Provided I remember what I want to blog about!

For now... Adieu (Sweet Amaryllis!?)!

Thursday, June 11, 2009 {11:50 PM}
things change so quickly

Had a lot to blog just now. But realised that my "motivation" to blog was only to try to say something, of course failing to convey that message. Sometimes, I wish I could be more direct and say things out more easily... I just wish for something to happen. I wish... some things could be the same as how it was last year again. Yes, that's all I can say... I really have no courage to say some things out no matter how much I want to.

But yeah, I'll blog something on Saturday/Sunday before leaving for Adventure Camp on Monday! Well, hope it would be fun.


Tuesday, June 9, 2009 {10:42 PM}
hello holidays!

Yes, I haven't been posting for awhile. Right now I'm virtually brain dead! Okay, holidays are actually going at a very very good pace. I've been able to do stuff I can't usually do during school periods. It's as if my life became more meaningful, yeah. Wow, but I'm still far away from my ideal productive yet relaxing holidays. It's like... I need to start doing real stuff. Oh and I have to read up everything before the school term starts, and I need to complete my maths! I need to create a timetable for my whole term so I don't screw up. Yes, I shall draw up my six months plan so that my next half a year shall be a good year. But for the rest of the holidays I hope I can complete all my homework, do better at maths, improve my English and Chinese, read all my textbooks. And do some very important stuff.

Well I don't know what to say any more! There's adventure camp next week and I'm not sure if I can complete what I wanted to do! But oh well, it has been a good holiday so far, though not as productive! Yay, goodbye.

Hmm I wonder...

Bye! :D

Wednesday, June 3, 2009 {10:02 PM}
did that happen to you

Okay, so for the past two days I have been having choir. Dancing "All For One", and it sure is tiring. Holidays have so far been kind of slack. Not intending to do homework just yet (until Friday, when I don't have to go to school for awhile... hopefully). And yeah, I really have a feeling I must work triply hard during the holidays, or else I wouldn't even end up in a good class next year! (And have you realised all my posts is all about studying, etc?) Yeah, so I really hope I can get things done in this holidays, not only academic, but many many things.

Meanwhile here's a quiz since I don't really have much to blog about!

Did that Happen to You?
1. Answer the questions as honestly and creatively as possible.
2. Post this as "Did That Happen To You?"
3. Tag 10 friends.
4. Everyone tagged has to do the same thing.
5. Have Fun!!!

1. What do you do if you are in the bathroom with a beetle flying around?
Stare at the beetle and trace where it's going... and the outcome will either be 1) I will be unable to track the beetle, and thus lose sight of it, and pretend nothing has happened (hope the beetle thinks so too) 2) the beetle got irritated and left the bathroom (unlikely)

Do I make sense?

2. What do you do if you hear a song you like playing on the radio when you are all alone in the room?
Sing along with the radio?

3. You want to speak to your crush badly. What is your line?
"Sooooo... how's life?"

4. What do you do if all your friends hate a particular brand that you love?
Persuade them that the brand I like is better.

5. What do you do when you trip and fall in front of many people?
Say "Ouch!" and laugh.

6. You forgot to do your multiple-choice question homework and your class starts in 5 minutes.
"Ahhhhh! Who can let me copy (insert subject) homework!?

7. You have bad breath and someone speaks to you. How do you react?
Try to bear the smell.

8. You just finished gym and after a shower, you drop your underpants on the wet floor. What do you do?
Wear it? (This won't happen since I don't go to the gym...)

9. What do you do if a personality quiz says that you have a lousy personality as your result?
Do a reliability test based on provenance, content, tone and purpose Accept it, and change for the better, hopefully. Or just be myself. Either ways.

10. Your friend gave you the worst gift you have ever received and asks: Do you like it? How do you react?

11. (Continued from question 10) What are you really thinking secretly inside?
Well, it's the thought that counts...?

12. A hot guy/girl keeps looking at you while you are on the bus. What are you secretly thinking inside?
"Why am I being stared at!?"

13. Your crush and you are eating dinner together, the food you've ordered came first, eat, or wait?!
Comment on the food's appearance, on the food's smell, on the food's texture, and they say, "Boy, I sure wish I knew how the food tasted like!" and then start eating.

14. You are alone in your house and you realized that there is a burglar. What do you do?
Phone the police, phone my parents, phone everyone I know. Watch the burglar closely. Hold a very very dangerous weapon in my hand, and confront the burglar. Strike a conversation. Await the police.

15. What do you do when your best friend had just spoilt your favourite one and only camera with all the important photos you cherished inside?
"Sigh... I guess everything happens for a reason?"

17. What do you do if you break your friend's favourite vase but he or she didn't see it?
I'll tell him/her I broke it and then go search for an exactly identical replica of the vase for him/her.

19. What do you do if you saw a cat chasing a mouse?
Stare in awe, 'cos it's such a rare occasion!

20. You missed your favourite TV show and it was the season finale. What do you do?
Watch it on YouTube.

21. There is a clash in your schedule, one is your friend's wedding, the other is your another friend's last day of funeral. What will you do?
Attend the wedding first, being really really happy for the couple. And then have a sudden mood swing and attend the funeral, crying really really hard.

Ohh, this was a crazy quiz. I gotta be in school by 8am tomorrow and reach back home only in late evening, so I guess I'll end this post right now to head off to sleep! And I wish something would happen. Or maybe not.

Well, goooooodbye!

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